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For others especially, for us simply NRML!

As an owner-managed digital agency, we are very proud of our team. NRML is a quality-oriented and unconventional team. We love to work on special an interesting projects. It is very important to us that we realize our own ideas and projects, too. Through our know-how, we implement your ideas in a committed and purposeful way.


About N-R-M-L

In 2015 we decided to found our own company. Three fellow students of Trier University of Applied Sciences Dominik Trumm (MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Development), Kai Sommer (Bachelor of Business Law) and Kristina Sommer (MSc Media Informatics with a focus on media production)) complemented each other perfectly and so, our interdisciplinary student project became a GmbH with exciting assignments, projects and employees since then.

What our customers say

What makes us different: the NRML Manifesto

We, our employees and our trainees stand behind our Manifesto.

Clear announcements

We are sure that only an open and absolutely honest communication leads to a desired result. We get involved with you and speak plain language. We don't just see you as a customer. Trust and mutual consideration are very important to us.

Silence is golden

We prefer to keep it with the silver. In order to be able to realize your customer wishes optimally, a constant and mutual communication is required.

More than BLA BLA

We stand behind the solutions we offer. We are not interested in "just" selling, because for us it is quite normal that an honest consultation on the product is part of it. We deliver goal-oriented consulting and measurable optimization on the basis of meaningful success metrics.

The ravages of time

Stagnation? Not with us! We fulfil the desire for innovation through continuous further training. It is normal for us to use agile and dynamic development methods with a high proportion of testing.

Fun at work

Fun is guaranteed. We laugh a lot and invite you to create something exciting out of an ordinary process.

Presentation matters

Design is not a luxury! We are a full-service agency and see ourselves as such. Your projects deserve a functional and appealing design. Should the unnormal case occur that we cannot do something, then we know someone who can.

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